Monday, April 2, 2012

Get on the Bus

Do you know when you get to Reprisal?

Better hurry because the bus is heading out. A short jaunt down the highway and some unsuspecting prisoners will be in Reprisal. Someone, or something, is waiting for them. Mix into that, the story of two women. Both in love. Both with very different ideas of what love is.

What's that up ahead? A sign reads, "Welcome to Reprisal. Population: Dwindling."

Reprisal is a dying town built on secrets and haunted by a mysterious shadow since its beginnings.

Eddie Newport must survive one night in this town with his oldest friend as a bus full of escaped murderes breaks down on Main Street.

Vengeance is on this bus. The prison transport leaves the dark history of the prison behind with a surprise. There is a substitute guard on board. No one called about the last minute change, but that doesn't stop the bus from heading down the highway.

In a very short time, they cross the town limit of Reprisal. Then the Shadow begins its work. Things are complicated when Eddie unexpectedly meets Arizona, the girl he stood up at his high school prom.

Reprisal, Chapter Eight: Vengeance Rides the Bus - available now from Trestle Press for $0.99 -