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BOGO Holiday Special

THIS JUST IN: Buy any Trestle Press title between now and December 24th and get another one of equal value FREE! Just send us, or any of our authors, your proof of purchase from Amazon Kindle or Barnes &Noble Nook and tell us what other title you would like and it is yours. Email us at

 Feed those hungry ereaders!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Your Prescription is Ready

Oh, and the doctor will see you now. The lastest installment of Reprisal is available now from Trestle Press.

Here you have a doctor. This doctor has a problem. This doctor doesn't heal people, he kills them. And thus, we meet convict #3.

With a dark and moody backstory, this may be my favorite convict. I say favorite, but that doesn't mean likeable. As an adult, it is clear that this convict is truly evil.Then when you see him as a young boy, you might think twice.

I enjoyed writing this chapter. I called on some Dickensian influences. You'll see what I mean. There is also an Easter Egg in this chapter for Jack the Ripper fans. Send me a message or leave a comment if you find it.

After the doctor, we only have two more convicts. The shadow is coming.

Do you know when you get to Reprisal?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here We Go Again

The dynamic duo of Sant & Lang has struck again. Trestle Press presents:

Our aim with this series is simple: provide some zombie entertainment in a (hopefull) new way.

With In The Beginning..., we set the stage for a personal, character-driven story on a global backdrop. In Myths and Legends, we give more details on the origin of the epidemic and introduce some new characters.

There is a phenomenon and subculture growing in the US, possibly globally. Ordinary people are donning masks and capes to patrol their cities and neighborhoods. They are called real-life superheroes.

Check out these links to get an idea of how it is spreading: Super (movie), Superheroes (documentary), Team Justice (website)

Darren and I wondered what these unique individuals might be like after surviving a zombie apocalypse. Would they continue their fabricated, yet inspired, life? Would they cower and hide?

You can read our take in Myths and Legends, available now for a mere $0.99.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Experi-Mental

Hey, come here a sec. I want to show you something...

Sam, horror, blah, blah, Sam, twisted, etc, etc. You've heard that before, so now I'm getting experimental. Put the emphasis on mental.

I took a step away from the gruesome, scary stuff. Maybe you don't know it, but I'm a pretty funny guy. At least, I think so. Following that train of thought, I concocted the above piece. It's a one-off, not a series. I threw together a few characters that had their own problems and put an absurd bow on it. I'm no scientist, physicist or boccecist. I combined some fancy words that made sense to me.

Then, I ended up with an amusing tale of a lonely man trying to find love. The holidays are upon us, so admist the ghoulish grunge of Reprisal and Severed, I offer something lighter to bring you some cheer.

Of course, I am Sam, which means I can't promise no one will be mangled.

Theoretical Fishsticks is available now from Trestle Press in eBook for $0.99.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Post from B.R. Stateham - a writer you should read

A Different Kind of Hero

I write a short story series about an atypical hit man. Atypical in that he does things you least expect from a professional killer. And it is this unexpected, unanticipated quirk in the man's personality which I want to discuss briefly. Specifically I want to discuss three stories I am particularly fond of.

In particular, the three stories found in the Call Me Smitty; Something Deadly

The hitman calls himself Smitty. He has eyes as dark as the center point of a black hole. He moves through the night like a sulking nightmare. And when he strikes . . . oh, mama! But the point is this; is Smitty just a hit man? Or is he something else?

'Heroes' come in all sizes, shapes and disguises. As an aficionado of the hard boiled/noir story we all are looking for that certain character, that certain individual that captures our attention and holds it permanently. Smitty does that. And the three stories in the series installment pictured here is an excellent set of examples to substantiate my claims. Let me briefly describe each:

In the opening story entitled Something Deadly a hood decides to wipe out a cop and his entire family. Kill them all while the family sleeps in their own beds. Smitty is informed of this coming deed from a friend. The 'friend' is a fellow hood who worries about what the reaction from the police will be if one of their own and his family is wiped out in such a brutal fashion.

Smitty decides to intervene. So picture a black, moonless night. Picture a house in suburbia littered with children's toys and the comfort of a house filled with love. Picture a madman in the middle of the house with a fireman's axe in his hand. Picture the madman about to enter one of the children's bedrooms. Picture Smitty coming between the madman and the slumbering child. A herculean struggle of bulging muscles and soft grunts between madman and killer. And all through this a small child sucking his thumb and dragging behind him his teddy bear watches the silent struggles while standing in the hallway.

In Goodbye, David Smitty appears miraculously and plucks a young mother and her tiny children off of a dark street corner in a driving rain. The mother is terrified. Her husband is planning to kill her. She is fleeing from his murderous intent--but she is young. Frightened. With no one to turn to.

But Smitty finds them. Smitty whisks them off to safety---and, in the end, Smitty settles the issue with the woman's husband in a fashion that can only be something Smitty would do.

In I'll Take Care Of It Smitty is hired by a mob boss to kill a cop and his family. Yes, it is a variation of the first story. But uniquely different. Smitty says he'll 'take care of it.' He knows the mob boss doesn't believe him and sends a second group of killers out to do the job--and get rid of Smitty in the process. What happens next is typically Smitty.

I am very proud of these stories. Especially the first one. The first one shows a range and depth of emotional responses rarely seen in these kind of stories. The same thing can be said with the second story. And the third . . . . in fact, in all of Smitty stories.

Smitty is a different kind of critter. He deserves to find fans who enjoy rooting for a different kind of hero.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Start Your Engines

The newest installment of Reprisal from Trestle Press is available now!

Along with that comes an exciting new cover design for the whole series, thanks to Giovanni Gelati.

I would love to hear any feedback on the covers.

For a bit about the story...

This chapter focuses on another of the inmates. His name is David Lent and like the others, he is a murderer. But does his punishment fit his crime? David lived a lonely life, even though he was married. Certain revelations change everything he knows and pushes him to the edge. By the end of this chapter, you may be asking if David truly was a bad man.

Each chapter of Reprisal is availble in eBook for $0.99 each. If you haven't started the series yet, I would be happy to send you Chapter One for free to get your engine started. Message me on Facebook or email me:

Thanks for visiting

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Treat is No Trick

It is no secret that I like Horror stories. I like dark, creepy things like those under your bed. As I have said repeatedly, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'd say I still get dressed up, but I don't look much different than the rest of the year.

With that being said, I knew I wanted to participate in Trestle Press' Harbinger of Horror month-long celebration. I wanted to do it in a big way.

I started off with Severed, the new zombie story co-written by Darren Sant. My finale will be the latest installment of Reprisal. It is Chapter 4: She'll Get Your Engine Started. But I am sneaking something in between, a little treat at the bottom of your bag. You know the kind of treat I mean, you don't remember which house it came from, but it's there and it looks delicious.

I like to examine people and create characters that are real, but also sometimes real strange. The couple in this story is exactly that. They are misfits. They are loners. They are vampires and they get together.

The inspiration for this titilating tale came from a very popular series of books-turned-movies. I haven't read them, but it is my understanding that the female lead becomes pregnant from her vampire lover.

My natural question was "How does an undead vampire get his equipment functioning with no blood flowing through his veins?" My anwer can be found on these pages. This one gets a little steamy, a little funny and maybe a little gory. So, find some privacy and enjoy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Come and Get Some

I had the opportunity to work with a talented writer and generous lover in the form of Darren Sant.

Um, one of those statements is only hearsay.

Regardless of which, we birthed a new story onto the world. It happens to be available now, today, this minute, from Trestle Press for the exceptionally good deal of $0.99. (click the title to get it now)

You might want to know a bit about it before you make that commitment. No problem.


This is not your typical Zombie story. More exactly, it is a story about people with zombies in it. We, Darren and I, aimed high and to borrow my co-author's words, "the scope is wide". In this first offering, we set the stage, set the emotional level. Things are not outright dismal, there is some hope.

Give it a try for yourself, and please, let us know what you think...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So Much More...

I am compeletly about Horror and Halloween. Trestle Press is celebrating with the Harbinger of Horror promotion.

But did you know Trestle does not only do the scary stuff? They are packed with authors of every genre. There are highly talented writers waiting to share their work with you.

Let's put a few under the microscope, shall we?

William Tooker offers Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a wild series about ancient aliens buried beneath a small California town. Get part one here: Bad Angles and part two here: Black Betty.

Jochem Vandersteen, hailing from the Netherlands, delivers a series about Mike Dalmas. Using his former Special Forces skill set, he does the jobs that normal law enforcement can't handle. Get the debut story here: Find Her.

Leona Bodie offers Cocooned in Darkness, a prequel to her full length novel, about a man on the run from his own past.

Benjamin Sobieck is responsible for Maynard Soloman, a cranky semi-retired private investigator. The stories a full of gritty satire. Sobieck has also participated in the highly popular Author's Lab collaboration series with Who Whacked the Blogger?

You will be seeing more of these and other Trestle authors coming soon.


Monday, October 3, 2011

The Harbinger of Horror

Today heralds the onset of Trestle Press's month-long celebration: Harbinger of Horror.

Giovanni and the gang at Trestle Press have tons of great stories lined up for this Halloween month and most of them are coming at you for $0.99 each.

There is a chill in the air and it won't be long until it starts getting darker earlier. Time to start thinking about staying indoors, hiding under a cozy blanket and scaring the batteries out of your Kindle.

Why not start with something close to my heart? Reprisal is my tale of a bus load of convicted murderers heading toward a nearly deserted town. Find out what happens when they get off the bus and discover why a mysterious Shadow is lurking in the dark.

These three are available now:

Chapter Four: She'll Get Your Engine Started will be one of my three releases with the Harbinger.

You can also pick up my turn in the Author's Lab series: The Two Johns.

I am also teaming with Darren Sant (you've heard of this talented chap and his Tales of the Longcroft Estate) to bring you Severed: In The Beginning...

Darren and I are developing this apocalyptic tale of zombies with an eye on turning it into a character-driven series.

Although Halloween is my favorite holiday, this month is not all about me. Expect to see some other great releases.

Currently, this series about an ex-cop, turned werewolf, turned private eye has four installments available. Check out my post HERE to get your fangs wet. Then check out the powerhouse line-up in this series: Julia Madeleine, Allan Leverone, and B. R. Stateham.

Cody Toye gives us murderous clones in the most recent Author's Lab collaboration: Clone Zone.

Mina's Daughter starts off The Harker Chronicles by re-introducing us to the surviving characters of Bram Stoker's Dracula in this steampunk series from S. L. Schmitz.

And William Tooker delivered Volume Two of Slouching Towards Bethlehem in September. Get your hands on Black Betty to discover The Death With a Thousand Faces.

Bear in mind, everything above is what's available right now. It's the things you don't the dark corner of your closet...under your the back of the garage with the blinking overhead flourescents...that are coming to get you. Trestle seems to be well stocked with masters of the macabre and they are about to unleash them on you, the unsuspecting reader.

In addition to Severed, here is another treat you can look forward to in the Harbinger line-up:

The G-Man himself will come forth with his first "Zombedy" (Zombie-Comedy) in a special Halloween edition of his ongoing Bocce extravaganza: Holy Chrome Bocce Ball Beach Bloodbath!

Put Trestle Press in your Amazon toolbar so you don't miss a horrifying word of the Harbinger of Horror.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Growling with Satisfaction

I have now finished the first four stories from Paul D. Brazill's Drunk on the Moon series and, to gaudily use a pun, this is one with teeth.

The conecpt, an ex-cop turned werewolf turned P.I., is fresh and fun. Yes, I slipped "werewolf" in there. If you don't already know the premise, Roman Dalton was a detective in The City until he was bitten. Since then, he splits his time between being a private investigator and single-handedly trying to put Jack Daniels out of business.

This is classic noir stuff. Moody settings, bad-tempered people and lots of grit and grunge. The City is as much a character as the people. And the thing that piqued my interest was the supernatural does not stop with a single werewolf. There is a Haitian voodoo gangster, an alien and let's not forget the zombie strippers, but no vampires yet.

Let's talk about the tales one at a time, shall we?

Drunk on the Moon - Paul D. Brazill sets the tone with the initial story. He gives us a glimpse of how Roman came to be and establishes the prime hangout, Duffy's Bar. He points out all the major players. He names a few unique locales. But that is not the draw of this installment. This one is all about the words. Brazill spins a silky web of metaphors, phrases and descriptions that drip with artistic skill. His words don't simply put you in the story; you feel, taste, touch, smell everything right along with seeing it in your mind's eye.

Fear the Night - Julia Madeleine takes Roman all the way to Quebec. Unfortunately, Roman can not leave his troubles behind. Full moons are unavoidable. Madeleine reminds us that being a werewolf is not Roman's only problem. He struggles with morality and fights the bottle. He is human. To me, that's what makes a story. If the character isn't relatable then it doesn't matter what he does.

The Darke Affair - Allan Leverone hits all the key elements and delivers more of the trademark Roman Dalton. The story is direct and concise. Roman faces off once again with Ton Ton Phillipe, the Haitian voodoo gangster. The fun in this one is Agent Darke. Leverone introduces a mysterious new character, both humorous and frightening. I for one would like to see Agent Darke return, if he survives.

Insatiable - B.R. Stateham brings the fourth installment with excellent force. He has a style that I would call "old school". Maybe that's not exactly right, but he definitely has an understanding of the genre and seems to have gotten inside series creator Brazill's head. His word choice and descriptions are masterful. Without giving away the end, I could not help picturing Anthony Hopkins conversing with the main character. I have not mentioned Ivan Walker from the previous stories, but he should be mentioned here. Stateham really develops the relationship between Roman and his former partner. Ivan is taken from being a cutout on the police force that slips Roman the occassional lead to a friend with a history and continued compassion for Roman's situation. I try not to play favorites, but this may be it (so far).

So those are the four stories currently available. There are three more well underway. I have the privilege of adding to this enthralling tapestry, but that is down the road a bit. In the meantime, I shall continue to read and enjoy what the other exciting authors have to say about Roman and his plight.

In the meantime, why not give my own series a shot? The first three chapters of Reprisal are now available: Making Plans, Making Memories; The Impeccant; and Shadow Boxing. Trestle Press is still doing the Buy One Get One, so send me your proof of purchase to any of the stories and I will send you a story for FREE.

Don't worry, I will have some nasty treats for you for Halloween as well. Be looking over your shoulder for the next chapter of Reprisal, Severed with Darren Sant, and maybe one more surprise.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review: Tales from the Longcroft Estate

I took some time to read the first two installments of Darren Sant's "Tales from the Longcroft Estate" available from Trestle Press. Individually, they are called "A Good Day" and "Community Spirit".

I wanted to familiarize myself with him, since we (the collective "we", not the royal "we") are putting a little something together for you gruesome fans out there. What I found was touching and sentimental, and quite satisfying.

Darren delivered two stories with all the outlook of a rainy day. In his first piece, we are introduced to a jobless drug addict. The next story tells us of a single mother in deep with a loan shark. Darren does an excellent job of setting the stage and revealing these characters to us. As I read, I quickly moved passed preconceived notions of "life in the projects". These were real people and I really felt for them.

Then Mr. Sant throws us for a loop. I like surprises, so I am not going to be the one to spoil the ending. These sad tales have a twist. No, not an "M. Night Twist". Still, I did not expect it in the first story, but would have been disappointed if he did not deliver in the second.

In the short story genre, it takes a deft hand to satisfy in such a small space. Darren manages to pull it off like a child playing in his parent's closet. What I mean by that is that to the child, the closet is much bigger and full of amazing things. He has all the room he needs in that short stretch of white space to give us something worth well more than its $0.99 price tag.

I suggest you add both of these to your Kindle today (and you wouldn't want to disappoint me, would you?).

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: The Two Johns

Once again, Mr. Gelati is rather generous with his words about my words. Today he reviews The Two Johns. This is my first entry for Trestle Press's Author's Lab series. I had an excellent time working with Giovanni and he had some things to say about my work.

"Reading the work is like watching a skilled mechanic go about his business..." from Gelati's Scoop.

You can read the full review HERE:

You can get the story for $0.99 on Kindle by clicking HERE, or for Nook HERE.

As always, I look forward to your responses.

Monday, September 19, 2011

When You Least Expect It...

...I'm right behind you. As is the case with my latest release, The Two Johns.

Now available from Trestle Press, the latest installment of the Author's Lab Collaboration Series, comes The Two Johns by Giovanni Gelati and Sam Lang.

I have been quite pleased with Trestle's handling of my story Reprisal. This is my first turn in the Author's Lab. I took some pleasure in working with Giovanni. He injected some humor into my darkness. What we ended up with was a gruesome case of mistaken identity.

The Two Johns are characters that make a brief appearance in Reprisal in Chapter 1: Making Plans, Making Memories. I took the opportunity to drop them into Giovanni's covert world and apply some pressure. I think we came out with quite a fun result, with a little surprise at the end.

Please, let me know what you think.....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The G-Man Reviews Shadow Boxing

Maybe this is out of character for me, but I am grateful to read these kinds of reviews about my writing.

Giovani Gelati says, "I know as a reader, sooner or later he is going to drop the anvil on my head."

Please read his full review HERE:

And you can get the stories by scanning the codes below:

3 - Shadow Boxing

2 - The Impeccant

1 - Making Plans, Making Memories

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chapter 3 is here for the taking

Have you been behaving yourself?

In case you have, here's a fresh opportunity to misbehave.

The newest chapter of Reprisal is available now from Trestle Press. In Shadow Boxing, the story takes a little turn...for the worse. Travelling that lonely stretch of road out of Reprisal to the west will lead you to the Edgar King penitentiary. This is where Chapter 3 begins. This is your chance to meet some truly nasty people.

Or are they really that bad?

Over the next several chapters, dear readers, you will get to know five convicted killers and something of their lives that led them to this point.

Decide for yourself what makes someone good or bad. Do the lives we lead and the lies we live define us?

For you technically adept people, here is your QR code:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Something for you...

On the verge of Chapter 3: Shadow Boxing, Reprisal is going to start getting under your skin. In addition to that, The Two Johns with Giovanni Gelati from the Author's Lab Collaboration series is going to be coming your way.

If you haven't started on Reprisal yet, Trestle Press has come up with a very simple way for you cell phone readers to start at the beginning. All you have to do is scan these QR codes with your prefered QR app. Then you will have both chapters for $0.99 each or you will have sold your soul to Trestle. Either one works for me....

Chapter 1: Making Plans, Making Memories

Chapter 2: The Impeccant

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Get to Know Me

Joel M. Andre was brave enough to put me under the microscope. Follow his link to see what he discovered, but I don't want to scare you away.....

Guest Interview with Sam Lang

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Impeccant Gets 5-Stars

Darren Sant strikes again! He read Chapter 2: The Impeccant and says he is "well and truly hooked now!"

Get Reprisal: The Impeccant for $0.99 on Kindle. The series is available exclusively from Trestle Press.

Read the full review on Daz's Short Book Review to find out why you need to get started on this series. If not, I may come visit you in your dreams....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Review for Making Plans, Making Memories

British author of everything from crime/noir to humor and biography, Darren Sant had some excellent things to say about the first chapter of Reprisal.

After reading Making Plans, Making Memories, Mr. Sant said, "I found Reprisal to be well written and the author’s strength seems to be in creating good characters."

Read the full review on Goodreads.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Great Review for Book Two

Giovanni Gelati of Gelati's Scoop says, "Sam Lang delivers an amazing second installment to his Reprisal series ".

Read the full review HERE.

Get the second chapter of Reprisal for ONLY 99 Cents!

Monday, July 25, 2011

It Has Arrived

Chapter 2 of Reprisal, The Impeccant, is now available for $0.99 from Trestle Press through Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

The ill-fated story of the town of Reprisal continues as Eddie and Chief Canton clear out the town for the impending bus arrival. Come, get to know Eddie a little better. Find out what he knows about dark secrets and a Shadow that has survived too long in Reprisal.

Don't get too comfortable with this chapter though, I'm saving some particullarly nasty things for later.

You can also get a FREE autographed cover of either chapter at Kindlegraph!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creeping up on you...

The G-Man over at Trestle Press released the excellent cover to Chapter 2 of Reprisal. This installment is called "The Impeccant".

I'll wait while you open a new tab to look it up on






Okay, got it? Good, let's move on.

In this chapter, preparations are made to evacuate the town proper. Maybe Chief Canton is being overzealous or maybe he has incredible foresight. Either way, the town of Reprisal is going to be empty when that bus gets there.

In the meantime, sit back and watch the parade.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Quiet....Too Quiet

I've suddenly realized I haven't been making any noise. That happens sometimes, I go quiet. Little things, like talking to the outside world, tend to slip off the radar.

Then if I do grab your attention, what would you have me say?

I can tell you the next chapter of Reprisal is coming quickly. Hopefully by now, you've met Eddie and the police chief. The next chapter will introduce you to some more of the oddly assorted townsfolk.

I call these first two chapters The Impeccant. Look it up. Things start off a little slow, but I drop a few nice tidbits. When we get to the third chapter, we switch to the part I call The Ravin. There's another word-of-the-day for you to find on Things will start to get a little messy.

What else can I say? I've got a few other things in the works. Gearing up for my turn on the Author's Lab. People are going to get hurt in that one. I'm also putting together some new one-shots: vampires, inter-dimensional laundry machines and baseball.

Give me some time, something's bound to catch your attention.

Monday, June 27, 2011

First review of Making Plans, Making Memories

Giovanni Gelati calls the first installment of Reprisal "one of the best [debuts] I have read..."

Check out his full review HERE on Gelati's Scoop.

Or go straight to Amazon and get it on Kindle HERE.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guest Post on Gelati's Scoop

To mark the release of Reprisal: Making Plans, Making Memories, I did a guest post on Gelati's Scoop.

Click HERE to read the post.

Be sure to follow his blog, if you don't already. Lots of great things are happening over there - especially the Author's Lab Collaboration series!

Full Link:

Reprisal Available Now

Reprisal: Making Plans, Making Memories is available now from Trestle Press. This is the first installment of Reprisal, which itself is the beginning of a trilogy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Post

Finished reading the draft of the first installment for Reprisal. Sent back a few final edits to Trestle Press. Looks like tomorrow will be publication day.

If you are curious, Reprisal came to me in a dream, as most of my stories do. With that said, you should surmise that I have rather disturbing dreams on occassion. I don't remember specifically when, but I believe I completed the first draft in 2006. The story started a little before that and you can see undertones of the public state of mind. The mention of terrorists gave a framework to the events of one horrible night in that desolate town.

I think the town of Reprisal would exist maybe in Northeast Texas, or maybe Mississippi, not too far south to keep it from snowing. Mostly, I find it situated in the chimerical plane of my subconcious. I know there is a long, lonely stretch of road that leads back to the abandoned (and possibly haunted) Edgar King Federal prison. The townsfolk like to think the other way leads to an interstate, safety, rationality. If I took my readers down that way, I suspect it would be a dangerous trip and probably not end up anywhere near the interstate.

Reprisal and its inhabitants could be found in our world, but let's not go looking for them shall we?