Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here We Go Again

The dynamic duo of Sant & Lang has struck again. Trestle Press presents:

Our aim with this series is simple: provide some zombie entertainment in a (hopefull) new way.

With In The Beginning..., we set the stage for a personal, character-driven story on a global backdrop. In Myths and Legends, we give more details on the origin of the epidemic and introduce some new characters.

There is a phenomenon and subculture growing in the US, possibly globally. Ordinary people are donning masks and capes to patrol their cities and neighborhoods. They are called real-life superheroes.

Check out these links to get an idea of how it is spreading: Super (movie), Superheroes (documentary), Team Justice (website)

Darren and I wondered what these unique individuals might be like after surviving a zombie apocalypse. Would they continue their fabricated, yet inspired, life? Would they cower and hide?

You can read our take in Myths and Legends, available now for a mere $0.99.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Experi-Mental

Hey, come here a sec. I want to show you something...

Sam, horror, blah, blah, Sam, twisted, etc, etc. You've heard that before, so now I'm getting experimental. Put the emphasis on mental.

I took a step away from the gruesome, scary stuff. Maybe you don't know it, but I'm a pretty funny guy. At least, I think so. Following that train of thought, I concocted the above piece. It's a one-off, not a series. I threw together a few characters that had their own problems and put an absurd bow on it. I'm no scientist, physicist or boccecist. I combined some fancy words that made sense to me.

Then, I ended up with an amusing tale of a lonely man trying to find love. The holidays are upon us, so admist the ghoulish grunge of Reprisal and Severed, I offer something lighter to bring you some cheer.

Of course, I am Sam, which means I can't promise no one will be mangled.

Theoretical Fishsticks is available now from Trestle Press in eBook for $0.99.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Post from B.R. Stateham - a writer you should read

A Different Kind of Hero

I write a short story series about an atypical hit man. Atypical in that he does things you least expect from a professional killer. And it is this unexpected, unanticipated quirk in the man's personality which I want to discuss briefly. Specifically I want to discuss three stories I am particularly fond of.

In particular, the three stories found in the Call Me Smitty; Something Deadly

The hitman calls himself Smitty. He has eyes as dark as the center point of a black hole. He moves through the night like a sulking nightmare. And when he strikes . . . oh, mama! But the point is this; is Smitty just a hit man? Or is he something else?

'Heroes' come in all sizes, shapes and disguises. As an aficionado of the hard boiled/noir story we all are looking for that certain character, that certain individual that captures our attention and holds it permanently. Smitty does that. And the three stories in the series installment pictured here is an excellent set of examples to substantiate my claims. Let me briefly describe each:

In the opening story entitled Something Deadly a hood decides to wipe out a cop and his entire family. Kill them all while the family sleeps in their own beds. Smitty is informed of this coming deed from a friend. The 'friend' is a fellow hood who worries about what the reaction from the police will be if one of their own and his family is wiped out in such a brutal fashion.

Smitty decides to intervene. So picture a black, moonless night. Picture a house in suburbia littered with children's toys and the comfort of a house filled with love. Picture a madman in the middle of the house with a fireman's axe in his hand. Picture the madman about to enter one of the children's bedrooms. Picture Smitty coming between the madman and the slumbering child. A herculean struggle of bulging muscles and soft grunts between madman and killer. And all through this a small child sucking his thumb and dragging behind him his teddy bear watches the silent struggles while standing in the hallway.

In Goodbye, David Smitty appears miraculously and plucks a young mother and her tiny children off of a dark street corner in a driving rain. The mother is terrified. Her husband is planning to kill her. She is fleeing from his murderous intent--but she is young. Frightened. With no one to turn to.

But Smitty finds them. Smitty whisks them off to safety---and, in the end, Smitty settles the issue with the woman's husband in a fashion that can only be something Smitty would do.

In I'll Take Care Of It Smitty is hired by a mob boss to kill a cop and his family. Yes, it is a variation of the first story. But uniquely different. Smitty says he'll 'take care of it.' He knows the mob boss doesn't believe him and sends a second group of killers out to do the job--and get rid of Smitty in the process. What happens next is typically Smitty.

I am very proud of these stories. Especially the first one. The first one shows a range and depth of emotional responses rarely seen in these kind of stories. The same thing can be said with the second story. And the third . . . . in fact, in all of Smitty stories.

Smitty is a different kind of critter. He deserves to find fans who enjoy rooting for a different kind of hero.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Start Your Engines

The newest installment of Reprisal from Trestle Press is available now!

Along with that comes an exciting new cover design for the whole series, thanks to Giovanni Gelati.

I would love to hear any feedback on the covers.

For a bit about the story...

This chapter focuses on another of the inmates. His name is David Lent and like the others, he is a murderer. But does his punishment fit his crime? David lived a lonely life, even though he was married. Certain revelations change everything he knows and pushes him to the edge. By the end of this chapter, you may be asking if David truly was a bad man.

Each chapter of Reprisal is availble in eBook for $0.99 each. If you haven't started the series yet, I would be happy to send you Chapter One for free to get your engine started. Message me on Facebook or email me: SamLangAuthor@gmail.com

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