Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Post

Finished reading the draft of the first installment for Reprisal. Sent back a few final edits to Trestle Press. Looks like tomorrow will be publication day.

If you are curious, Reprisal came to me in a dream, as most of my stories do. With that said, you should surmise that I have rather disturbing dreams on occassion. I don't remember specifically when, but I believe I completed the first draft in 2006. The story started a little before that and you can see undertones of the public state of mind. The mention of terrorists gave a framework to the events of one horrible night in that desolate town.

I think the town of Reprisal would exist maybe in Northeast Texas, or maybe Mississippi, not too far south to keep it from snowing. Mostly, I find it situated in the chimerical plane of my subconcious. I know there is a long, lonely stretch of road that leads back to the abandoned (and possibly haunted) Edgar King Federal prison. The townsfolk like to think the other way leads to an interstate, safety, rationality. If I took my readers down that way, I suspect it would be a dangerous trip and probably not end up anywhere near the interstate.

Reprisal and its inhabitants could be found in our world, but let's not go looking for them shall we?

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