Sunday, December 11, 2011

Your Prescription is Ready

Oh, and the doctor will see you now. The lastest installment of Reprisal is available now from Trestle Press.

Here you have a doctor. This doctor has a problem. This doctor doesn't heal people, he kills them. And thus, we meet convict #3.

With a dark and moody backstory, this may be my favorite convict. I say favorite, but that doesn't mean likeable. As an adult, it is clear that this convict is truly evil.Then when you see him as a young boy, you might think twice.

I enjoyed writing this chapter. I called on some Dickensian influences. You'll see what I mean. There is also an Easter Egg in this chapter for Jack the Ripper fans. Send me a message or leave a comment if you find it.

After the doctor, we only have two more convicts. The shadow is coming.

Do you know when you get to Reprisal?

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