Monday, October 1, 2012

Do I Give Myself the Creeps?

The answer is yes. Sometimes, I do give myself the creeps. Sometimes that even leads to nightmares.

I do like visiting that etheral dream world, such a fertile playground. Some of my favorite stories have come from my bad dreams.

But, I'm not a bad guy. In fact, I used to be a good little Catholic boy. Not sure where I detoured, probably somewhere around Tommy went to work on Jason with a machete (the first time).

Well, I'm thinking to change it up a bit.

My latest story, Viking Werewolves from Mars, is nice horror treat for Halloween. However, it is a PG-13 treat. My past stories have been Rated-R, or even pushing that. This time, I've dialed it back.

As I continue to re-invent myself, you may see a new side of me. I mentioned my upcoming series, Shadowstones. It is going to have vampires, werewolves and a few other nasties. It is going to have something else, faith. The hero of that story is a "man of the cloth" with some unique solutions for an infested world.

I'm not having a full-blown conversion. I do think it's time for my inner child to stop pulling the wings off butterflys for a while. I am going to let that good little Catholic boy out to play. Take a look at my life and see if I can't entice you with a different side of Sam.

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