Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chapter 3 is here for the taking

Have you been behaving yourself?

In case you have, here's a fresh opportunity to misbehave.

The newest chapter of Reprisal is available now from Trestle Press. In Shadow Boxing, the story takes a little turn...for the worse. Travelling that lonely stretch of road out of Reprisal to the west will lead you to the Edgar King penitentiary. This is where Chapter 3 begins. This is your chance to meet some truly nasty people.

Or are they really that bad?

Over the next several chapters, dear readers, you will get to know five convicted killers and something of their lives that led them to this point.

Decide for yourself what makes someone good or bad. Do the lives we lead and the lies we live define us?

For you technically adept people, here is your QR code:

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