Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Come and Get Some

I had the opportunity to work with a talented writer and generous lover in the form of Darren Sant.

Um, one of those statements is only hearsay.

Regardless of which, we birthed a new story onto the world. It happens to be available now, today, this minute, from Trestle Press for the exceptionally good deal of $0.99. (click the title to get it now)

You might want to know a bit about it before you make that commitment. No problem.


This is not your typical Zombie story. More exactly, it is a story about people with zombies in it. We, Darren and I, aimed high and to borrow my co-author's words, "the scope is wide". In this first offering, we set the stage, set the emotional level. Things are not outright dismal, there is some hope.

Give it a try for yourself, and please, let us know what you think...

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